Online Interviewing Not Possible? No Need to Worry, Follow Our Guide to In-person Interviewing.

Interview advice has been overrun with tips for online interviews, but what if the industry or company you are interviewing with is not offering the option of an online interview? We share a few tips on protocol to follow in an in-person interview that should reassure you and make the interview experience as comfortable as possible for you. 

The majority of interviews will be conducted through video, for obvious health and safety reasons. However, some industries, such as hospitality, won’t have the capabilities to interview online; instead, an in-person interview will be offered.

To begin with, ask the company you are interviewing with if it is possible to interview online. This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask given the current times, and even if they cannot accommodate an online interview, the way they respond will give you a feel for the values and personality of the company. An interview, after all, is a time for both candidate and client to show what they can offer and impress one another. 

If an online interview is not feasible, organise an interview time that is outside of major commuting hours. This way, public transport will be less busy for you.

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